Many people ask, what is the difference between a Group and a Page on Facebook? Which is better for business? Which is easier to manage? How do I choose? These are great questions! Let’s dive in…

What is a Facebook Business Page?

Business pages on Facebook are a great tool! You’re able to post, share, and interact on Facebook but with your business’s name and logo! This is great for exposure, and it also helps you stick in people’s minds. You can also add information about your hours, contact information, pricing, reviews, and more. It’s a one stop location for anyone looking to learn about your business. You can post on your page as often as you like with new pictures, pricing, sales, specials, and information about YOU and your team!

People love to interact with businesses that they can relate to. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal and share your life with your customers! If you think about some of your favorite businesses, chances are you like them for more reasons than just a great product. Your ideals, standards, and work ethic can be shown in Facebook posts and videos on your page! You can also run one of our favorite marketing tools: FACEBOOK ADS! Ads on Facebook are incredibly successful, affordable, and customizeable. Our clients have seen so much success when they learn the secret to putting their dollars where it counts!

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups are another great business tool for your toolbelt. The biggest difference between a group and a page on Facebook is that members in the group are allowed to post as well, creating a discussion or forum type feeling within the group. These groups have been known to become very supportive, helpful, and positive places to ask questions, learn, and build trust. A Facebook Group hosted by your business can be a great way for people to learn about you, talk about your products, and offer advice. There are many different settings you can employ as well. For example, you might want to approve any posts before they are published, approve each person into the group, and set rules of conduct. Your creativity is the limit! It’s important to find topics that people will easily discuss online, and keep things interesting to bring in new people.

What do I Choose?

Ultimately, this is up to you. The differences between groups and pages on Facebook allow you to create the best scenario for your business. If you’d prefer to do all the talking – pick a page! If you’d rather facilitate a discussion – choose a group! Remember that you can only run ads from a Business Page, so be sure to get one first before looking into marketing strategies!

A good rule of thumb which has worked for many of our clients is to start with a Business Page, set up your information, get your name out there! Then, you can start a group containing some of your biggest fans!

Whatever you decide, be sure to schedule a demo with us to see how we can launch your business into the stratosphere with Facebook!