Need help starting your Facebook Business Page? Look no further!

But first, why is it important? If you’ve got a business, you NEED a Facebook Business page! There is no better way to reach more customers, build more rapport, and spread your message to the world! Facebook is home to millions of worldwide users – who get on Facebook every day (or multiple times a day!) The chance of getting your message in front of the right people is extremely high, and Facebook ads make it even easier. Our clients have seen a literal EXPLOSION in business after utilizing our Facebook Ads strategies! Facebook Business pages are an amazing free way to advertise your business.

So, let’s get started on your Facebook Business Page!

First, log into your personal profile. At the top right corner, next to your name, you’ll see a box made of 9 dots. Click that, and you’ll see a dropdown menu. On this menu, click “create page”. 

Now, it’s time to bring the page to life! Add your business name (something that people will easily be able to search and locate). Then, choose a category, and add a short description of what your business does. Once that’s all filled in, click “create page”.

Congrats! You now have a Facebook business page.

Now, it will be important to get some high quality images for your cover photo and profile photo. After this is all set up, you can really personalize your page. Facebook has options to set up a shop, display a menu (for restaurants), list services, and showcase your products.

Be sure to invite as many people to the page as you can, and invite your friends and family to share it as well! A great way to do this is by creating your first post. Posts don’t have to be super complicated, but a good post needs a few things: 

  1. A high quality, eye grabbing image. Most people will look at the picture before deciding if they want to read the post. If the picture isn’t interesting, chances are that people won’t even read what you’ve written!
  2. Once you’ve drawn them in with a snappy picture, they’ll begin to read the post. Remember one crucial thing: confused people do nothing. If your post is at all confusing or unclear, they won’t continue to your site or buy your products. Most people are looking at Facebook for leisure time, so the less brain cells they have to use, the better!
  3. Be sure to always end with a clear, and direct call to action. For example “click the link below to see our site” or “click now and get 20% off!” etc.

After you’ve mastered your posts, you’ll want to also learn about Facebook ads and advertising. Here at Tuple, we’re here to help you get the most bang for your buck! Be sure to schedule a free demo with us if you’re interested in growing your business online. Good luck!