If you’re looking to explode your business with Facebook, you’re going to need to improve your facebook engagement. Keeping people interested in you and your business is the basis of facebook engagement.

Why is engagement important?

This is one of the most important parts about using Facebook, and here’s why: The Facebook algorithm takes note of profiles and businesses that are getting lots of comments, likes, and followers (aka engagement). They do this so that they can recommend content that will be enjoyed more often by their users – it keeps people on their platform longer, which means more $$ for them! If you post something that never gets any attention, even from people who already follow you, this post will seem uninteresting and not worth the time to show it to a lot of users. 

Another thing to remember is that if someone follows you, but stops engaging with your posts, your content will be less likely to show up in that person’s feed. They might stop seeing your stuff all together. It’s much more difficult to get someone to re-engage once they’ve stopped!

How to grab attention?

In order to grow and expand your business on Facebook, you’ll need to grab attention. This doesn’t necessarily mean POSTING IN ALL CAPS (no one likes being yelled at). In fact, what you WRITE isn’t nearly as important as the pictures you’re posting along with it. Let’s face it, most of us are pretty lazy. Our eyes will jump straight to the image before we decide if we want to read it. If the image is boring, confusing, or annoying, no one will even begin to read your post.

Your images need to be professional quality. No blurry photos! I’d even stay away from generic stock photos. Images of people always perform much better – people want to feel a connection with you.

 If you don’t have an image to post with your text, you can create something in Canva. This is a free tool that allows you to create graphics, text images, and more. You might even consider hiring someone to create Canva posts for you. Canva is also great for adding your logo and social media handle – this is necessary for growing brand recognition (and making sure people don’t steal your content and pretend it’s theirs).

Now that I have their attention, how can I keep it?

Once you’ve got some really high quality posts, there are a few other things you can do to really drive up engagement and keep your audience interested. 

One of the first rules in social media is that you’ve got to be consistent. Pick a schedule and stick to it. I find that scheduling posts in advance is extremely helpful in this situation! If you’re not great at consistency, consider hiring yourself a virtual assistant. Even if you have the most engaging posts in the world, people will forget about you if they don’t see new things from you regularly. 

So how often is “regular”? It might depend on your audience, but posting anywhere from 3-5 times a week is best. If you’re posting multiple times a day, you might start annoying people. The best advice to give is to post as often as you can while still keeping your content genuine, interesting, and engaging. 

Facebook engagement consists of likes, comments, shares, and follows 

Likes are good, but getting people to comment and share your post is the best way to reach more people and get new followers. This means that you’ve got to be strategic about what you write. Asking easy questions will exponentially help you get more comments. Why? It’s much easier to answer “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” instead of “What’s your biggest struggle in life right now?” Remember, people LOVE talking about themselves, but they don’t love being super vulnerable in a comment section unless they REALLY trust you.

Getting shares might be a little different. This is where you can pull out your soapbox! People will often share a post that really resonates with them. They’ll read it and think “Man, I wish I would have said that!” or “I wish everyone could read this!” That’s when they hit the share button and make your post visible to their friends list. Amazing! You’ve just been given one-time access to speak to a whole new audience with your post. Be sure it’s easy to find your business name, profile, and contact if a new person clicks on your post. 

We hope this helps you grow your Facebook audience! We’ve seen so many of our clients truly build a solid foundation for their business on Facebook, and we’re blown away by their success! 

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