How do Facebook Ads work? Let’s take a minute and explore the ins and outs of how Facebook Ads work and how they can dramatically improve your business! First, Facebook Ads are tailored to charge only when people see or respond to your ad, which can really help you budget. Second, Facebook’s targeting abilities ensure that you’re reaching the right people every time. And last, the sheer amount of users on Facebook means that you’ll be spending your advertising budget in a place where all your ideal clients are hanging out. 

Targeted Ads 

One of the best things about Facebook ads is the ability to target different demographics, age groups, and even online shopping habits. If you were to buy an ad for television, you’d only be able to purchase a certain time slot and hope that your target clients are watching at that time. 

With Facebook Ads, you’re able to choose specific habits, likes, interests, and age groups. For example, if you’re an HVAC company, you could target your ads to homeowners, moms, dads, 30-50 year olds, etc. You can even target the location to your city or areas of service. 

This is an extremely smart way to run ads because you’re not wasting your money on as many people who don’t need your service. How Facebook ads work is by showing your ad to the people who need it the most!

Pay Per Click Hybrid

Back to our TV commercial example… In order to run your ad, you’ve got to pay up. Even if no one responds to your ad, or no one sees it, you’re still going to pay a set amount. 

Facebook ads work differently. You pay depending on how many people see your ad. This is a little different than pay per click, which would mean you only pay for the people who actually click on your ad. In this case, you pay for the number of “impressions” or people who saw your ad. This is again why targeting is so important because you’re more sure that the impressions are made on people who would need your product or service. 

Facebook Audience

There are MILLIONS of users on Facebook. Most people in the world use Facebook every single day. What does this mean for your business? Lots of exposure. 

Did you know that companies pay $500,000 or more for one 30 second TV commercial during the Superbowl? Those Superbowl commercial spots are so coveted because millions of people watch the Superbowl, and the amount of exposure is much higher. 

Facebook has completely changed the game on ads though, because you have access to their millions of users for even a couple dollars. 

If you have an online business, you’ll be able to reach people in different countries by simply clicking a few buttons. If you have a local business, you can reach the people in your neighborhood without printing flyers or knocking doors.

This is absolutely incredible! Facebook ads will be a huge game changer for your business. Not sure how to get started? At Tuple, we can show you how facebook ads work, and help you grow your business in the blink of an eye. Click here to schedule a free demo with us and we’ll get you where you need to go!