Let’s talk about HVAC Marketing strategies!

Your HVAC business needs customers, but doing business isn’t as simple as it used to be. With the recent pandemic of Covid-19, a lot of business is being conducted online. People are using the internet now more than ever to learn about companies, services, and products. You might be asking yourself how you can implement some of these online HVAC marketing strategies yourself! 

Here are 4 Strategies to help you market your HVAC company online:

#1 SEO

Here at Tuple, we specialize in Google Search Engine Optimization. One of the top ways that your customers will be searching for HVAC services in their area is through Google. If your site doesn’t show up, they won’t hire you – it’s that simple! 

So, do you know anything about getting a website on Google? 

If you don’t, no worries! Our team of experts is here to take care of everything for you. The Google “robots” take a look at several things on a website to determine if they want to show it to people. After all, Google is a business. They are looking to highlight and showcase the very best options in their search results because they want us to continue to use their service! 

We will use top of the line strategies to help your customers have the best experience on your site, add specific key words and phrases that might show up in their searches, and market your information in a way that encourages new customers. 

SEO should truly be a crucial piece of your marketing strategy! 

#2 Social Media

You might think that social media is just for kids… or arguing about the election with your neighbor. You might even think it’s a waste of time! 

Social media is becoming increasingly important for business owners because it allows you to connect, engage, and communicate with your potential customers. When people feel like they know you, it will be much easier for them to trust you with their HVAC needs. 

So, how do you even get started on social media?

We suggest choosing one or two platforms that you are already familiar with, and start small. Make sure you know the basics of creating posts and engaging with your audience. One of the most important things to remember about social media is that your efforts need to be consistent. Create a plan that allows you to post regularly without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. You might even consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to take care of your social media posts for you. 

#3 Website

A website can often be the first interaction that someone will have with your business. At Tuple, we’re here to make sure that their experience is unforgettable! 

Building a website can be frustrating and time consuming… or altogether impossible if you’re not tech savvy. Adding the right words, images, and building an ideal customer experience take a lot of practice and skill. Good thing we have a team of experts dedicated to building world class websites for our clients.

Do you have a current website? If you do, take a look at it. 

Does it communicate your mission?

Is it easy to navigate?

Does it look professional?

Does it bring in customers? 

Do people even know you have a website? 

If these questions make you a little frustrated with your site, don’t worry! Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you. Let’s get that website looking amazing! 

#4 Brand Design

Last, but not least, it’s important that anything you do online is recognizably YOURS! This means having a killer logo, set color scheme, and basic design guidelines. All of these things will contribute to brand recognition. 

Think for a second about Mcdonalds, Walmart, or Amazon. Every time you see anything that belongs to them, you know without a doubt who it belongs to! This is because they use consistent branding throughout their marketing campaigns and designs. 

You can bring these same strategies into your HVAC business to help your potential customers know and recognize your business when they see it! 

If you would like to talk about how we can improve your HVAC Marketing Strategies online, schedule a free consult now!