So many people are realizing how important it is to have a great online presence, and using great SEO practices for your business is a huge part of that!

If you’ve got a business, chances are, you’ve got a website too. But, how do you get people to visit that site? There are many different ways you can drive traffic to a website, but the #1 best way to generate quality leads is through Google Searches.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s kind of like the algorithms that you may have heard of on Facebook and Instagram. Basically, it looks at your site and decides if it is the best fit for what people are searching for. It will take a look at everything from your content, keywords, user experience, and more. Google wants to make sure that their searches are bringing up good information and great experiences for their users, so they will favor sites that can bring this to the table!

For example, if you are searching for Pest Control, what would you search?
“Pest Control in my area”
“Best pest control”
“How much does pest control cost?”

Your searches will let google know exactly what it is that you want. Let’s say there are two equally great pest control businesses in your area. One has an optimized website, and the other doesn’t. Which one do you think will end up getting your business? Probably the one that you see first! Their optimized website will give them the upper hand over their competitors.

If you want your site to come up on a Google Search, you will need to optimize your site for the Google Search Engine by using SEO. At Tuple, we’re here to help you be seen, heard, and found by your perfect customers! Our SEO team knows the ins and outs of Google Search Engine Optimization so your site can come up first!

But… why is this all important?

#1 Most Traffic comes from Searches

Think to yourself for a second… How many times have you used Google Search today? How many times have you researched a product or service on Google? If you’re like most people, probably a lot.

Google Search has become a huge part of the way we make decisions on purchases, ask questions, and find what we need (or even don’t need!). Google owns a HUGE amount of the overall search market – so if you want to get found, you will NEED to rank higher on Google Searches!

According to the Search Engine Journal, the first 3 sites to come up on a search result will receive nearly 40% of all click-throughs. It’s also been shown that up to 30% of all sites on page1 and 2 never even get clicked at all. So… If you’re not coming up first, you’re not bringing in new eyes to your website.

When you come up first, this means that your business will grow. Sometimes business is a numbers game. The more people you can get onto a great site, the more sales you will make.It’s as simple as that.

The amazing thing about search engines is that you can present your website to someone who is actually looking at what you have to offer them. This means that money spent on SEO is bringing in leads with much higher conversion rates.

#2 SEO is better for you customers

With the optimization necessary to rank first in a Google Search, your website will be easier fo ryour customers to navigate. This means that they will find your products easier, learn more about your brand faster, and make a buying decision sooner.

In the beginning days of Google, you could just fill a web page with a jumble of key words and rank first. This meant that a lot of confusing, strange, and frustrating sites were coming up first,just because they were stuffed with key words. These sites didn’t help the customer find what they were looking for, and Google started to notice.

Over the years, Google has gotten much smarter! These days, rankings are determined not only by key words, but by many different factors… and user experience is one of them. At Tuple, our SEO team will create a user experience that not only benefits your customers, but also benefits YOU!

#3 SEO Makes You Look Good!

Like we mentioned before, the highest ranking sites usually get the most clicks. Having a site that comes up first makes the customer automatically assume that you are a credible, reliable source. Before they even land on your website, your position on the search page gives them an impression about your business. Isn’t that crazy??

When your site ranks well on Google, it creates a bond of trust with your customers. They will see you as an authority, and be confident that your product or service is the best answer for their question. This means better customers for you!

In our modern day, your business has lots of competition. It seems like everyone has a business these days! Using SEO to be seen and heard on Google will set you apart from your competition. Not only does it make you look good, but the process will create an amazing website for your customers!

Better website, better customers, better business. That’s what it’s all about! Click Here to learn more.